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Bedding Take Care




However…  being 100% cotton, they also wrinkle. Especially when they’re new.  Those wrinkle free sheets you see at hotels are blended with polyester. And they don’t feel as nice as 100% cotton…

We embrace the wrinkles we see on our face, so we don’t mind a few wrinkles on our sheets… but we don’t want them to look all scrunched up.  So here are some ways to reduce those cotton wrinkles…

  • Wash your sheets regularly, every 1 to 2 weeks. Not only does this mean your sheets are clean and fresh, regular washing helps to soften the fibres.  And in time, this means fewer wrinkles. You could try using a fabric softener, but those lovely cotton fibres prefer natural products. We use ecostore citrus fabric softener, which is found at most supermarkets.
  • Don’t overload your machine, the more you stuff in, the more wrinkles you’ll get. Just put one set in at a time, but even this depends on the size of your machine so you be the judge.
  • Take them out as soon as they’re done. Otherwise they’ll stay all scrunched up and the wrinkles will set in. Give them a good shake before you hang them up and then smooth them out on the line.  If your line space is limited, fold them into quarters and then hang them.
  • If you use a dryer, use a low (or delicate) heat and again, don’t overload, or they’ll be a hot tangled mess. Remove promptly and you could even try and make your bed straight away, while they’re still warm.  As they cool the wrinkles will ease – because the fabric has tension, it helps to stretch out the wrinkles (we think).
  • Iron them – preferably while they’re still a bit damp. This can mean wrinkle free, but seriously who wants to iron sheets?
  • Get someone else to iron them – professional laundries have bigger irons, making it much easier, so if you’ve got the spare cash, then why not?
  • Use a clothes steamer. The warm damp air can get most of those wrinkles out easy peasy lemon squeezy.  Our pick!
  • Use a spray bottle to mist your sheets while on the bed. The tension of them on the bed helps to get the wrinkles out.  Starting with the fitted sheet, spray a mist of water then run your hand over it to smooth out the wrinkles and leave it to dry.  Don’t go overboard though and do it in the morning, because nobody likes a wet bed! 🙊 
  • Cover your bed with warm dry towels – if you have the time or inclination, wash some towels and put them in the dryer for five or so minutes, they need to be damp and steamy. Lay them across your made bed for 5 to 10 minutes then smooth everything out.  They’ll dry quickly and with fewer wrinkles.

And if any of those tips just seem like too much work (we hear ya!), just make your bed and let your body heat smooth those wrinkles out over a night or two.