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Restoring Justice Bracelet-Bibilo
Restoring Justice Bracelet-Bibilo
Restoring Justice Bracelet-Bibilo
Restoring Justice Bracelet-Bibilo

Restoring Justice Bracelet


Stainless Steel

When Eden Outreach met Fan, she had been forced to drop out of school. Lacking job prospects, she followed a boyfriend who promised a life of love and luxury… only to manipulate her into prostitution. Under watchful eyes, we gave her a Christmas gift and our phone number. She soon called, inspired by the opportunity to make jewellery.

At Eden, Fan healed in therapy, trained rescued women in making jewellery just like this piece, and trained as a hairstylist. The cogs of justice have ground to a halt on Justice Street. But as our Outreach team continues to visit this dark area, each step we take is a small cog moving toward changing a broken system.

When someone like Fan starts a new life, the gears turn and the clock hands tick toward a time when justice will prevail.

Today, Fan’s scissors click with confidence behind a hair salon chair. But just a few years ago, she sat in a brothel on “Justice Street’ silently willing the minutes to tick by faster.

The Restoring Justice Collection is made up of a map of one of the first and oldest red-light districts in the world. Around the map is a clock face with a missing 12 symbolizing that the time is now to restore justice to this area and many like it.

Available in Stainless steel or 18K gold-plated stainless steel pendant and chain, 0.5" extension chain.


Small = 6.5 inch - 16.5cm

Large = 7 inch - 17.8cm

Properly caring for your jewellery will ensure a longer wear life. Follow these simple guidelines, and you can enjoy your jewellery for years to come. Avoid wet environments. Do not wear into the shower or store in humid places. Apply lotions, makeup, hairspray, and perfume before putting on your jewellery. Avoid contact with household cleaning products.  See our CARE page for further details.

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