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Cultivate | Dulux 2020 Colour Forecast

Posted on January 26 2020

Dulux 2020 Colour Forecast

Dulux Cultivate Color Image


Cultivate’s nature-inspired palette combats the crush of city living with its soothing calmness.

The time has come for us to nurture and regenerate. To surrender to that urge for escape and to find refuge in the beautiful simplicity of nature. As we disconnect from the harsh white filters of the digital sphere, we find ourselves reconnecting with the very elements of nature: verdant earth, clean air, natural light.

In Cultivate we embrace the romance of slow living, taking pleasure in nature and our ability to nurture, grow and sustain ourselves in simple and small ways. Personal wellbeing comes to the fore and we seek out the soothing, calm refuge of home where we can rest, re-focus and regenerate. Harmonious influences see modern Japanese minimalism blend with natural green hues offset by enlivening plum and uplifting yellow.

Home is no longer a place to rest and recover, it's somewhere to rejuvenate and inspire. We seek out innovative ways to bring elements of the natural world into our interiors to encourage personal growth. The Cultivate palette is a calm and gentle layering of greens that reinforces our connection to nature.

We see the trend of transparency emerging as a strong direction in design. The use of coloured glass or recycled coloured plastics feel uplifting in their optimism. They capture an abundance of light and appear almost weightless.

Cultivate connects us to nature through colour and pattern, while reminding us to appreciate the simple things – beautiful botanicals, fresh air, natural light.

Cultive Colour Board | Bibilo Cultivate Bamboo Color Inspo | Bibilo Cultivate Color Inspiration | Bibilo Cultivate Colour Inspo | Bibilo   

Mix and match any leafy, floral or nature-inspired prints. Your home is the perfect place to experiment with this clashing style. Connect your prints through harmonious colour palettes.

As we embrace nature and its imperfections we also embrace imperfect colour. From hues that subtly shift to appear almost fluid, through to finishes that appear oxidised and change appearance depending on your view.

Embrace a mix of Japanese patterns inspired by botanical motifs, traditional florals and origami folds. Layer your rugs and textiles with a common theme to create an interesting feature


Japanese design cues fill our spaces with a sense of harmony, and cultivate a peaceful connection to nature. 

Cultivate Storyboard Inspo | Bibilo


 Monet Green RugKelly Green Lamp | BibiloGotu Kola Cushion | Bibilo Leaf Me Breathless Sheet | Bibilo   Antique Emerald Calligraphy Brush




We are very excited to be bringing you each colour palette inspiration weekly.  You can see more inspiration and details on the above featured products on our social media pages throughout the week. Next week we explore the 'Indulge' palette.