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Indulge | Dulux 2020 Colour Forecast

Posted on February 05 2020

Dulux 2020 Colour Forecast

Indulge Blog Colour Forecast | Bibilo


Indulge is the luxurious antidote to our busy, stressful lives

Dreaming of an escape? Indulge speaks to our collective desire to disconnect from the mounting challenges of the everyday. A perfect antidote to our busy, high-stress lives, it finds the rose-tinted glasses to reignite our romance with home and hearth.

We cocoon ourselves in comfort with rich layering of luxurious fabric and decadently rounded forms. Hard surfaces are softened with a generous abundance of fringing, chenille and velvet. Hints of Art Deco and 70s retro-futurism add a tinge of nostalgia to high romance.

Hard facts and raw truths for just a moment, are hidden from view as we immerse ourselves in a lush-coloured world of our own making, filled with joy, love and a sense of belonging.

Sink into a rich and soothing palette of melon, salmon, brown, red and cosmetic tints.  It’s the perfect combination to create an immersive and opulent interior. Opulent details and fabrics such as chenilles and velvets are commonplace alongside fringing, layered drapery and overlapping rugs with carpeted floors.

A warm, rich sunset palette helps to create an emotive space designed to make you linger. Focus on toasty shades of burgundy, brown, rich reds and oranges to create a cosy, indulgent place to escape.


Jewelled colours help to evoke a sense of nostalgia in a space. Play with deeper purples and ruby reds to create a luxurious appeal. 

  Indulge Colour Inspo Blog | Bibilo    Indulge Colour Inspo Blog | Bibilo    Cultivate Colour Inspo Blog | Bibilo    Indulge Colour Inspo Blog | Bibilo    


Indulge offers a new interpretation on 1970s retro-futuristic style, clashing this with opulent Art Deco vibes. Selecting a decadent colour such as a rich red or earthy brown can add in essence of sophistication while also evoking intimacy and connection. 


Immerse yourself in a lush world

Indulge Storyboard Inspo | Bibilo


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This concludes the inspirational colour forecasts for 2020 as presented by Dulux.  For more of these delicious colourways shown in interior applications follow our social media pages.  Now it's your turn to vote for your favourite colour palette by clicking on the below icons and having your say!  We cant wait to see which is your favourite.

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