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Grounded | Dulux 2020 Colour Forecast

Posted on January 06 2020

Dulux 2020 Colour Forecast

Grounded Dulux 2020 Colour Forecast | Bibilo


Dulux loves to research, explore and embrace exciting new colour trends. New colour trends are always influenced by what’s happening in the world around us. This year’s theme speaks to the collective search for the things that bring us essential happiness. Through diverse and contrasting tonal palettes you will find moments of calm and empowerment, as well as optimism and luxury.

The Four Colour Palettes:

GROUNDED - A simple, neutral palette filled with plenty of warmth.

COMEBACK - Colours to blend contemporary design with elegant vintage style

CULTIVATE - A tonal green palette to nurture and regenerate.

INDULGE - Cocoon yourself in this charismatic, immersive and opulent palette.


Bibilo | Grounded Colour Inspo  Bibilo | Grounded Colour Inspo Bibilo | Grounded Colour Inspo Grounded Colour Inspo | Bibilo


Build yourself a simple, beautiful life.

Abandon the clutter to opt for mindful choices that hero comfort, longevity and craftsmanship. Natural materials come into play, evoking emotion through the raw beauty of texture and tactility.

Raw materials are offset with innovative finishes that feel high-tech but still invite the human touch. The past remains ever-present with the addition of cherished vintage items, time-worn textiles and the heart-tugging familiarity of a home-cooked meal.

Personalise your interiors with tactile finishes and textured forms that please the eye. Punctuate your neutral schemes with an accent colour that features in your decor.

The key to beautiful minimal interiors and a tonal palette is ensuring there is just the right amount of texture. Bring this element through in your furniture using materials such as rattan and by styling textiles.

Neutral doesn't have to be plain and the addition of a few handcrafted pieces foster personality. Use items that have meaning to you, as well as newfound, beautiful objects.

Retreat into the warmth and comfort of simple, familiar home spaces.


Grounded Colour Storyboard | Bibilo


Salmon Wall Hanging | Bibilo  Brandon Set of 2 Stands | Bibilo  Firenza Wall Clock  Hellas Side Table | Bibilo  Coco Vase Taupe | Bibilo



We are very excited to be bringing you each colour palette inspiration weekly.  You can see more inspiration and details on the above featured products on our social media pages throughout the week. Next week we explore the 'Comeback' palette.