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Rug | Hali | Χαλί

Posted on August 29 2019

Rug | Hali | Χαλί

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You’ve chosen the sofa and the coffee table, the next main element to tie it all together is the rug.  Whether you are starting fresh and working with a blank canvas or looking to freshen up your living space without breaking the budget, a rug can transform your space.

There are many questions you need to think about when purchasing a rug - What size? What colour? Should it be plain, textured, patterned or colourful? Natural fibres, synthetic or a blend?  Don't be too bamboozled by all this as there are so many variations available that you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Here are some tips and information to help you make the right choice:


📝 Get the right size: 


All the legs off the rug is best for small living spaces.  Front legs on, back legs off, connects all the pieces and creates a good sense of proportion for medium-sized living spaces.  All the legs on pull the furniture together and define the space, especially in large open plan areas.

 Lounge size rugs | Bibilo

One of the most important aspects of having a rug under a dining table is to make sure the rug is big enough.  The back chairs of the dining chairs should not come off the rug when pulling the chair out. There should be at least 60cm from the edge of the table.

Dining size rugs | Bibilo

Rugs in the bedroom add warmth and cosiness, especially on those cold winter mornings.  The size of the rug should be at least one size up from the size of the bed. You don't want the rug to disappear under the bed.

Bedroom size rugs | Bibilo


📝 Consider your style -  Is it traditional, contemporary or transitional?

Traditional rugs are a superb rendition of the antique carpets.  They feature medallions, flower and vine motifs and borders. Rich colours of red, gold and navy are a typical feature.  Originating from Persia they are typically made of wool, cotton or silk.

Contemporary rugs can range from graphic designs, abstract imagery with a brilliant blend of colours to the current trends of subtle tone-on-tone hues with shimmering finishes and textured weaves.

Transitional rugs offer the best of both worlds, the traditional design refreshed with fashion-forward colours and comfort soft textures.  Finishes that give the impression of old-world antique carpets and rugs as though they have come straight out of a French Palace or an Ottoman Harem.


📝 A little about different compositions:

Different materials are more appropriate for different areas in the home, whether you have young children or pets.  These factors need to be considered when choosing the right rug.


Hard-wearing and easy to clean synthetic fibre. Used in many designs from traditional to contemporary and ideal for high traffic use, children and pets. 


Usually blended with wool for a high-quality result and to add a luxe, sheen and soft finish.  Not recommended for high traffic use as it tends to be more delicate.


Popular in flat weave designs but not as durable as other flatweave fibres such as sisal, jute and polypropylene.  The benefit is however the softness underfoot.


Natural fibres that are extremely hard wearing and suitable for high traffic use.  Used in a variety of weave patterns. Avoid getting wet as it can stain and expand the fibres.  Will give an earthy vibe but has a more coarse underfoot feel. 


A very durable natural fibre, easy to clean due to the lanolin found in wool and heat resistant (perfect for near fireplaces).  Extremely soft underfoot but you will have to bear with the initial shedding of a new rug. 



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